Monthly Archives: August 2008

Link G4 Storm and Extreme ECU Wire In Release!

Update: The G4 Storm delivers tuneability and performance that rivals any engine management system on the market. While offering slightly less inputs and outputs than the soon to be released G4 Xtreme the G4 Storm is more than capable of running sequential injection, ignition and variable valve timing on most of today’s engines. The G4 […]

Welcome to the FLI Blog

      Welcome to the long awaited FLI blog, “Shop Talk”. This is where FLI will post up the latest info on projects, services offered, testing results, up coming events, shop news and current ideas. If you hang out at any shop long enough, you realize that shop talk is very entertaining and could […]

FLI Shop Shirts Now Available!

FLI now offers employee shop shirts. They are button down dickies short sleeve work shirts. They have two front pouches with a pen holder. Plain black, blue/black (not shown), grey/black (not shown) and red/black are available.     The price is $45. Sizes are Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Tuning Intro

    Welcome to FLI’s Tuning blog. Here you will find any info regarding dyno graphs, ECU’s, dyno test results or software used (Link ECU, AccessECU, Hydra EMS or Unichip).   Tuning is one of the most important steps when building or modifying a daily street, weekend cruiser or race warrior sports car. There are […]

499 WHP sets a new 2WD record on FLI’s dyno!

A local customer rented FLI’s dyno to finish up some of his road tuning on his 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo. This Supra was very impressive and broke FLI’s 2WD wheel horsepower record with 499 on 91 Octane fuel and Methanol injection! The temp in the dyno room was 87 degrees with 35% humidity and the […]

The Power of Air Density

Air density is one of the most overlooked factors in making power. Engine displacement, big turbos, large head ports and high lift cams only maximize air flow when the volume of air is at its highest. We at Fine Line Imports have put together some useful information regarding the effect of air density on engine […]

Team UpTwoMountains FRX Rally Cross WRX

  This project is a off road auto cross contender that races in the Formula Rally Cross (FRX) group. Near the end of 2007, the factory turbo (TD04) died and ran oil throughout the 2.5 liter factory STI block/FLI Stage 1 heads engine set up.   UPDATE FOR 2008!!!!! Jon Burke made his Stage Rally […]

Limitations of the Factory Subaru turbocharged ECU

  Technology has revolutionized today’s world in many ways and auto manufacturers are using this technology in their cars’ electronic control units (“ECU”), which basically function as the brain of a car. These new powerful ECUs have many built in features for monitoring, adjusting and controlling fuel, spark and air at a rapid rate. This […]

FLI Installs a 2nd lift!

FLI has grown the past month and installed a secondary four post lift. This lift will be used for long and short term projects. This will help schedule more customer appointments.

Link G3 Plug in for EVO 9 MR

FLI chose the Link G3 plug and play stand alone engine management system to control the Apexi IHI RX6-b powered 2006 EVO MR project because of overall reliability and tuning capabilities. Key features are gear dependent boost (you map boost for each gear-6 speed), lots of cold start menus, dual fuel, timing and boost maps […]