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399 WHP Apexi RX6-b Powered 2006 EVO MR For Sale

If you are looking for a very fast upgraded EVO MR then look no further.  This car was built by FLI and makes lots of power and is very streetable.  The owner has always taken care of his baby with regular sythetic oil changes and OEM servicing.  There are 44,000 un abused miles on this […]

Shop Daily Drivers

Welcome to the shop projects section of the Fine Line Imports Blog. In this part of the blog you will get to see some of the interesting projects and shop cars that we have here at Fine Line Imports. You will also get to read up on the latest products we have to offer and […]

Modifying Your Car: Where Do I Start?

      One of the most frequently asked questions I hear at the shop is “ I have X amount of money. What should I do first?” This is always a tough question to answer because what I would do may not be what you are looking for in your car. If you are […]

FLI RFMIC piping is complete in raw form!

FLI RFMIC piping is complete in raw form! Update:  FLI’s Reverse Intake Manifold Front Mount Intercooler (RFMIC) is off to the powder coaters! Progress is being made on this project. The next step is installation of the Aquamist HFS-5 Meth/H20 kit.

2005 EVO 8 For Sale

If you are looking for a clean Silver 2005 EVO 8, then you have to check this one out.  The customer has a Cobb AccessPort, FLI boost map and makes great stage 1 Power.  This car has been very well kept and has not been abused at all.  Here is what the car makes with […]

BRAKE UPDATE!! J Carroll’s 05 Strictly Race STI

  FLI has been involved with Jim’s 05 STI race car for a little over a year. In 2007, Jim placed 2nd in his SCCA T2 Northern California region’s race class. Since that was a stock class, the car was limited to just a FLI custom tune with 100 Octane fuel with slight suspension and […]