Monthly Archives: October 2008

FLI HHP Fuel System is in the works!

Update: FLI has started our HHP (high horsepower) fuel system which consists of the APS Aux. 4 injector (600 cc each) kit with fuel rails, APS standard fuel rails for PE 850cc injectors, FLI custom surge tank, FLI custom mounting plate (for Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, Aeromotive fuel filter, Aeromotive fuel regulator, Aeromotive fuel pump […]

LINK G4 US STI Plug in ECU Scheduled to be released!

LINK G4 Extreme Plug In ECU Scheduled to be released in Jan., 2009. FLI has been a Link Authorized Tuning facility and Dealer for many years.  FLI has been dedicated to Link Stand Alone ECU’s since the Link V1.  Wow, it is really funny to think back to those days.  Over the years Link has […]

What you can expect from FLI’s Tuning Department:

FLI’s tuning department takes great pride in serving our customers with quality tunes and great customer support.  The maps we use as a base to start tuning from have been perfected over many years. Although FLI does not know everything there is to know about tuning, our extensive knowledge comes from years of hands-on experience […]

UPDATE! 448WHP! “Recipe for Power” GT35R 06 STI

        This 2006 STI is a very special project. Achieving 424 whp on 91 Octane fuel is very impressive from FLI’s custom rotated mount GT35 turbo kit, FLI Stage 3 closed deck block, FLI Stage 3 head package, Cosworth 264 degree camshafts and FLI’s custom reverse intake manifold front mount intercooler (RFMIC) […]

RFMIC Piping is back from Powder Coating!

RFMIC Piping is back from Powder Coating! UPDATE: FLI received the piping back from powder coating!  FLI wrinkled red both intercooler pipes, the APS rotated mount intake and the OEM STI intake manifold so everything would match.  Now, we can start installing the top part of the engine including the FLI HHP Fuel System and […]