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2004.5 350Z APS TT-FLI’s Beta Testing Cobb’s AccessTuner Pro software

This customer’s 2004.5 Nissan 350Z has an APS twin turbo kit, high flow cat converters, 2.50 inch cat back exhaust and front/rear Stoptech large brake upgrades.  Making 352 wtq and 352 whp in a very hot room, 95 degrees is quiet impressive! With only 8 psi max boost (manual boost controller), this is a quiet, […]

2004.5 G35-FLI’s Beta Testing Cobb’s AccessTuner Pro

For more information, please email   2004.5 Infinity G35 coupe MT: Baseline Info-   Cobb Stage 2  mapping with Injen CAI, dyno room temperature is 72 degrees with 42% humidity. Test Info- FLI Stage 2 custom mapping with Injen CAI, Greddy Cat back exhaust, dyno room temperature is 72 degrees with 42% humidity.  

FLI has been Beta Testing Cobb Tuning’s AccessTuner Pro for Nissan Car

FLI is now Beta Testing Cobb Tuning’s Nissan/Infinity AccessTuner software- FLI has been a part of Cobb Tuning’s Nissan/Infinity’s Beta testing software program for a few weeks now.   This means FLI can create custom maps for most 2003-08 Nissan 350/370Z’s and Infinity G35 2 door coupe automatic or manual cars. You must have a Cobb […]

Flagship 001 Revamped-Link G3 Plus Stand Alone ECU

With any complicated, high-horsepower engine setup, an efficient, and powerful ECU is required to safely control all the functions properly. In this case, FLI chose to run a Link G3 Plus wire-in stand alone ECU. At the time of this build, the E-Throttle plug-and-play unit was not available, so FLI custom-made a plug-and-play wire harness […]

Flagship 001 Revamped-FLI RFMIC

With this new, and aggressive, street-power package, FLI and the customer agreed that an RFMIC (reverse intake manifold front mount intercooler) setup is a must.  The FLI RFMIC will help in achieving the most amount of boost at the lowest rpm for better response. FLI has improved our RFMIC kit over the years, and we […]

FLI’s Flagship 001 has been revamped

Flagship 001 was a well-balanced, respectable, daily street-driven 2006 STI. Although the car was making close to 400 wtq, and 390 whp on race fuel, the owner is now ready for more power, combined with a more aggressive look/feel for his STI.  FLI must stay true to the street driving status, so we had to […]

FLI and Link ECU Completes Final Testing for G4 US STI Plug and Play ECU System!

  Link G4 P&P USA STI ECU Testing is Complete!- FLI and Link ECU has finished testing the US STI plug & play G4 Xtreme ECU with success last week. The two model years tested were 2006 and 2007 Subaru STI cars.   All testing was done in FLI’s dyno room. The final plug & play kit […]

APS Single Turbo G35 Update: FLI Custom-made downpipe using Turbonetics External Wastegate

FLI Custom External Tial Wastegate Downpipe- FLI has made a custom 3.5 inch downpipe which uses a Tial 44mm external wastegate actuator to assure better boost control. The APS internal wastegate setup limits the boost pressure that can be run on this turbo kit because the internal spring can only control up to 4-6 psi […]

APS Single Turbo G35 Update: APS Extreme Fuel System-

APS Extreme Fuel System Addition- With a lower compression engine combined with more boost, more fuel is needed to create the proper fuel map safely under all conditions. FLI did some market research and found that the APS Extreme Fuel System is more than adequate for this turbo system. The APS full Return Fuel System […]

APS Single Turbo G35 Update: Engine Break In

There has been lots of progress on this project in the past few months.  Here is the breakdown: LONG BLOCK- The time finally arrived for FLI to assemble the complete VQ35DE(T) long block (blue printed and balanced) which includes a complete multi-angle valve job, and the factory valve train (camshafts, valve springs and retainers). This […]