2004.5 350Z APS TT-FLI’s Beta Testing Cobb’s AccessTuner Pro software

FLI or Fine Line Imports custom AccessTuner Protuned 2004.5 Nissan 350Z with an APS twin turbo kit runing 8 psi max

This customer’s 2004.5 Nissan 350Z has an APS twin turbo kit, high flow cat converters, 2.50 inch cat back exhaust and front/rear Stoptech large brake upgrades.  Making 352 wtq and 352 whp in a very hot room, 95 degrees is quiet impressive!

With only 8 psi max boost (manual boost controller), this is a quiet, sleeper-street killer.  Watch out next time a blue Z with red Stoptech brakes rolls up to you at a light!

Full Article soon to follow-

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2004.5  Nissan 350Z coupe AT:

Test Info-


FLI custom AccessTuner mapping, dyno room temperature 95 degrees with 30% humidity.  Mods: APS Twin Turbo kit, high flow cats and 2.5 inch cat back exhaust system.  This was mapped on 91 Californian octane fuel.

2004.5 Nissan 350Z with APS Twin Turbo kit, Automatic transmission, 2.5 inch cat back exhaust, running 8 psi of boost, tuned by FLI or Fine Line Imports using AccessTuner Pro software


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