Monthly Archives: September 2009

Team Up Two Mountains Debuts Gorman Ridge Rally!

FLI has been involved in Jon Burke’s 2004 Subaru WRX for many years.  He started out by competing in FRX (Formula Rally Cross) events, which is basically an auto-cross on dirt.  From his experience in co-driving rally events, attendance in rally schools, and years of racing in FRX, Jon has completed his first Rally Event.  […]

FLI’s STI Stage 2.5 Brake Upgrade

Fine Line Imports is proud to release the FLI two piece rotor upgrade kit for any 2004-2009 STI (FLI Stage 2.5). This rotor kit has been perfected with many hours of hard work. In conjunction with WR racing we have designed and tested a heavy duty two piece rotor that can not only withstand your […]