Monthly Archives: January 2010

FLI road tests DMS 50mm coilovers

Since the purchase of my 2008 Forester XT my main complaint and one of the only for me has been the way the car handles. Compared to my 2002 Subaru WRX, this car has a lot of unwanted body roll. I figured that it would, but I did not realize how much it would effect […]

Project 05 STI ATP GT30

When the owner of this 2005 STI first came to Fine Line Imports, he was hesitant to modify his car in any way for fear that he would lose his factory warranty.   After talking with Brian and showing him some of the cars we were working on, he changed his mind very quickly.  The project […]

Gear Box Engagement Explained “The Albins Edge”

Recently, Mark Moore from MSI showed me a good article he wrote in conjunction with Albins Australia and Rocket Rally, on the differences between types of gear sets, and the advantages of using an Albins gear set. I copy and pasted the article below with the hope that this might answer some questions people might have. […]