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Link G4 ECU Controls Dual-Stage Fuel Injection with Ease

Recently FLI completed a long-term 2006 Subaru STI project car which produces a solid 500+ wheel horsepower on our Mustang 500SE dyno, with E85 fuel.  This project is very special for a number of reasons, one of which is the dual-stage fuel injection system, which is controlled by the Link G4 plug and play stand […]

503 WHP Project 2006 STI APS TSR70 hits the dyno

Event: dyno pull Location: Fine Line Imports Santa Rosa California Dyno Room Temp: 65 Elevation: 164 feet Weather: overcast Tires: 225/45/17 Bridgestone Car: 2006 Subaru STI Tuner: Miles Hechtman from Fine Line Imports Dyno Info: Mustang MD500 AWD Peak HP: 503whp Peak Torque : 468 Baseline: Stock STI 245whp 240 torque Target Boost: 30 psi […]

Team UP2Mountains Finishes Seed 9 Rally 4th OA, and Takes 2nd in CRS OpenAWD

Up Two Mountains Finishes Seed 9 Rally 4th OA, and Takes 2nd in CRS OpenAWD Jon Burke and co-driver Brian Francis finished the 2009 Seed 9 Rally 4th overall, which gave Jon the points needed to take 2nd place in the California Rally Series Championship in the AWD Open Class. Seed 9 Rally held in […]

Team UP2 MTNS Finishes 22nd at Annual Prescott Rally 2009

UP2MTNS Finishes 22nd Annual Prescott Rally 2009! FLI is very excited and happy for Team UP2Mountains rally car 2009 season.  This is a late update but well worth the read. Up Two Mountains Rally Team: Jon Burke and Tucker Heiner were pleased to finish all 8 stages of the 22nd Annual 2009 Prescott Rally! We […]

MSI subframe from design to production

A major problem when lowering a Subaru vehicle is the change in the center of gravity and the negative impact it creates on the vehicles camber curves and bump steer properties.  Camber curves and bump steer are the paths a wheel travels throughout the range of the suspension travel.  This is true when changing the […]