Monthly Archives: July 2011

FLI Equador Tuning trip #1

 Last February I was flown to Ecuador to tune a couple of fully-built Subaru STI’s for a good customer. The owner of both cars is a championship rally driver who has toured Europe and South America with his Mitsubishi EVO V Group N rally car. Jorge, his best friend, is the co-driver. This was my […]

Owning a High Horsepower Subaru

Here at Fine Line Imports we regularly build 400-500WHP cars for customers who use them for both road racing (all-out track car), or a very fast street car. What tends to get overlooked once these cars leave Fine Line Imports, is the need for proper maintenance and upkeep in order to make sure your high […]

2010 Stock GTR VS. 2012 Stock GTR

FLI has a good customer who recently purchased a red 2012 Nissan GTR.  He brought it up to the shop for some dyno runs, and for us to check it out.  I think we can all agree that it is a beautiful, very powerful, comfortable, great-handling, well-balanced Japanese sports car.   All the dry carbon work […]