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SEMA 2011

This year FLI was in attendance at the 2011 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association) show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The SEMA show is one of the largest specialty automotive product trade shows in the world. To put it simply, if you are into cars or anything automotive related, this is the place to be. For […]

Owning a High Horsepower Subaru

Here at Fine Line Imports we regularly build 400-500WHP cars for customers who use them for both road racing (all-out track car), or a very fast street car. What tends to get overlooked once these cars leave Fine Line Imports, is the need for proper maintenance and upkeep in order to make sure your high […]

509 WHP 2009 Dodge Challenger RT fitted with a Sinister Performance Stage 3 Power Package

Building on a partnership with Sinister Performance (a modern Mopar performance shop) Fine Line Imports was commissioned to tune one of Sinister Performances Stage 3 power packages for this 5.7l Dodge Challenger RT. This kit consists of a ProCharger Stage II Intercooled system, 85mm Throttle Body, custom ground Sinister Performance Forced Induction Profiled Camshaft, Borla […]

FLI’s Project 08 FXT

I would first like to start off with a little background on myself. I purchased my first Subaru back in 2001 when the WRX first hit the showroom floor in the United States. Coming from an Acura RSX, my stock 2002 WRX felt like a rocket ship! After thoroughly modifying the WRX, which you can […]

503 WHP Project 2006 STI APS TSR70 hits the dyno

Event: dyno pull Location: Fine Line Imports Santa Rosa California Dyno Room Temp: 65 Elevation: 164 feet Weather: overcast Tires: 225/45/17 Bridgestone Car: 2006 Subaru STI Tuner: Miles Hechtman from Fine Line Imports Dyno Info: Mustang MD500 AWD Peak HP: 503whp Peak Torque : 468 Baseline: Stock STI 245whp 240 torque Target Boost: 30 psi […]

MSI subframe from design to production

A major problem when lowering a Subaru vehicle is the change in the center of gravity and the negative impact it creates on the vehicles camber curves and bump steer properties.  Camber curves and bump steer are the paths a wheel travels throughout the range of the suspension travel.  This is true when changing the […]

Project 05 STI ATP GT30

When the owner of this 2005 STI first came to Fine Line Imports, he was hesitant to modify his car in any way for fear that he would lose his factory warranty.   After talking with Brian and showing him some of the cars we were working on, he changed his mind very quickly.  The project […]

Gear Box Engagement Explained “The Albins Edge”

Recently, Mark Moore from MSI showed me a good article he wrote in conjunction with Albins Australia and Rocket Rally, on the differences between types of gear sets, and the advantages of using an Albins gear set. I copy and pasted the article below with the hope that this might answer some questions people might have. […]

FLI Travels to MSI / DMS North America

Recently Fine Line Imports took a trip to MSI / DMS North America located in Quebec Canada for suspension, chassis and brake system training. MSI / DMS has been designing top quality products and manufacturing them for more then 10 years. DMS started out with manufacturing high end suspension systems for gravel and tarmac rally. […]

FLI’s STI Stage 2.5 Brake Upgrade

Fine Line Imports is proud to release the FLI two piece rotor upgrade kit for any 2004-2009 STI (FLI Stage 2.5). This rotor kit has been perfected with many hours of hard work. In conjunction with WR racing we have designed and tested a heavy duty two piece rotor that can not only withstand your […]