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Link G4 ECU Controls Dual-Stage Fuel Injection with Ease

Recently FLI completed a long-term 2006 Subaru STI project car which produces a solid 500+ wheel horsepower on our Mustang 500SE dyno, with E85 fuel.  This project is very special for a number of reasons, one of which is the dual-stage fuel injection system, which is controlled by the Link G4 plug and play stand […]

503 WHP Project 2006 STI APS TSR70 hits the dyno

Event: dyno pull Location: Fine Line Imports Santa Rosa California Dyno Room Temp: 65 Elevation: 164 feet Weather: overcast Tires: 225/45/17 Bridgestone Car: 2006 Subaru STI Tuner: Miles Hechtman from Fine Line Imports Dyno Info: Mustang MD500 AWD Peak HP: 503whp Peak Torque : 468 Baseline: Stock STI 245whp 240 torque Target Boost: 30 psi […]

FLI HHP Fuel System is 95% complete

UPDATE: FLI has installed the custom mounting plate, FLI custom surge tank and the rest of the FLI HHP fuel system in the trunk on this project.  The mounting plate and the surge tank were powder coated.  Take note at the rubber mounting tabs to keep vibration to a minimum. The surge tank is not […]

FLI HHP Fuel System is in the works!

Update: FLI has started our HHP (high horsepower) fuel system which consists of the APS Aux. 4 injector (600 cc each) kit with fuel rails, APS standard fuel rails for PE 850cc injectors, FLI custom surge tank, FLI custom mounting plate (for Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, Aeromotive fuel filter, Aeromotive fuel regulator, Aeromotive fuel pump […]

RFMIC Piping is back from Powder Coating!

RFMIC Piping is back from Powder Coating! UPDATE: FLI received the piping back from powder coating!  FLI wrinkled red both intercooler pipes, the APS rotated mount intake and the OEM STI intake manifold so everything would match.  Now, we can start installing the top part of the engine including the FLI HHP Fuel System and […]

FLI RFMIC piping is complete in raw form!

FLI RFMIC piping is complete in raw form! Update:  FLI’s Reverse Intake Manifold Front Mount Intercooler (RFMIC) is off to the powder coaters! Progress is being made on this project. The next step is installation of the Aquamist HFS-5 Meth/H20 kit.

Background Info on this project

Background Info on this project- This has been a two-year-long project, but it is getting close to completion. This car will be used for weekend street abuse and occasional track driving. Engine specs are Cobb Stage 3 block, Cobb Stage 3 heads, Cosworth 278 degree camshafts, APS TSR70 twin scroll GT35 turbo kit (Tial 44mm […]