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APS Single Turbo G35 Update: FLI Custom-made downpipe using Turbonetics External Wastegate

FLI Custom External Tial Wastegate Downpipe- FLI has made a custom 3.5 inch downpipe which uses a Tial 44mm external wastegate actuator to assure better boost control. The APS internal wastegate setup limits the boost pressure that can be run on this turbo kit because the internal spring can only control up to 4-6 psi […]

APS Single Turbo G35 Update: APS Extreme Fuel System-

APS Extreme Fuel System Addition- With a lower compression engine combined with more boost, more fuel is needed to create the proper fuel map safely under all conditions. FLI did some market research and found that the APS Extreme Fuel System is more than adequate for this turbo system. The APS full Return Fuel System […]

APS Single Turbo G35 Update: Engine Break In

There has been lots of progress on this project in the past few months.  Here is the breakdown: LONG BLOCK- The time finally arrived for FLI to assemble the complete VQ35DE(T) long block (blue printed and balanced) which includes a complete multi-angle valve job, and the factory valve train (camshafts, valve springs and retainers). This […]

APS Single Turbo Powered 04 G35 Update!

  The time has come for FLI to extract as much power as we can from this 2004 infiniti G35 running an APS single turbo setup.  To start with, FLI built a custom low compression VG35 engine using Cosworth billet rods, Cosworth forged pistons, and the factory crank.  The engine has been blue printed, and […]

APS Single Turbo Powered 04 G35

This project is a very unique one.  The car is a 2004 automatic G35 with an APS single turbo kit, Borla 2.5 inch cat back exhaust, Unichip Plug and Play engine management and the Brembo street front brake upgrade.  This torque monster puts down 393 wtq. at 3250 rpm with 7 psi!  FLI completed the […]