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Flagship 001 Revamped-Link G3 Plus Stand Alone ECU

With any complicated, high-horsepower engine setup, an efficient, and powerful ECU is required to safely control all the functions properly. In this case, FLI chose to run a Link G3 Plus wire-in stand alone ECU. At the time of this build, the E-Throttle plug-and-play unit was not available, so FLI custom-made a plug-and-play wire harness […]

Flagship 001 Revamped-FLI RFMIC

With this new, and aggressive, street-power package, FLI and the customer agreed that an RFMIC (reverse intake manifold front mount intercooler) setup is a must.  The FLI RFMIC will help in achieving the most amount of boost at the lowest rpm for better response. FLI has improved our RFMIC kit over the years, and we […]

FLI’s Flagship 001 has been revamped

Flagship 001 was a well-balanced, respectable, daily street-driven 2006 STI. Although the car was making close to 400 wtq, and 390 whp on race fuel, the owner is now ready for more power, combined with a more aggressive look/feel for his STI.  FLI must stay true to the street driving status, so we had to […]

FLI Flagship 001 Update!

FLI has been very busy on the Flagship 001 2006 STI in the last 6 months.   On a cold rainy day, this set up made 402 torque to the wheels and 384 horsepower to the wheels!  Keep in mind these were ideal weather conditions, 55 degrees with 75% humidity in the dyno room running 24 […]