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Up Two Mountains Rally Team 2011 year in Review

                                                                                                                                                                                On stage at Gorman Ridge Rally, 2011 FLI is excited to be apart of Up Two Mountains Rally Team and looks forward to the 2012 race season!  Good job Jon for finishing the season and more importantly winning your class! The following was written by Jon Burke of  Up Two Mountains Rally Team. 2011 […]

2010 UP2MTNS Debuts in 2010 at Desert Storm Rally with!

All following material was written by Jon Burke from Up Two Mountains Rally Team – DS was a great rally that took a full five days of towing out to Blythe, CA…then some car work, recce, racing, and towing back to San Francisco. The first issue came about when we were having some tuning issues […]

Team UP2Mountains Finishes Seed 9 Rally 4th OA, and Takes 2nd in CRS OpenAWD

Up Two Mountains Finishes Seed 9 Rally 4th OA, and Takes 2nd in CRS OpenAWD Jon Burke and co-driver Brian Francis finished the 2009 Seed 9 Rally 4th overall, which gave Jon the points needed to take 2nd place in the California Rally Series Championship in the AWD Open Class. Seed 9 Rally held in […]

Team UP2 MTNS Finishes 22nd at Annual Prescott Rally 2009

UP2MTNS Finishes 22nd Annual Prescott Rally 2009! FLI is very excited and happy for Team UP2Mountains rally car 2009 season.  This is a late update but well worth the read. Up Two Mountains Rally Team: Jon Burke and Tucker Heiner were pleased to finish all 8 stages of the 22nd Annual 2009 Prescott Rally! We […]

Team Up Two Mountains Debuts Gorman Ridge Rally!

FLI has been involved in Jon Burke’s 2004 Subaru WRX for many years.  He started out by competing in FRX (Formula Rally Cross) events, which is basically an auto-cross on dirt.  From his experience in co-driving rally events, attendance in rally schools, and years of racing in FRX, Jon has completed his first Rally Event.  […]

Team UpTwoMountains FRX Rally Cross WRX

  This project is a off road auto cross contender that races in the Formula Rally Cross (FRX) group. Near the end of 2007, the factory turbo (TD04) died and ran oil throughout the 2.5 liter factory STI block/FLI Stage 1 heads engine set up.   UPDATE FOR 2008!!!!! Jon Burke made his Stage Rally […]